The Yacht Owner’s Experience


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Okay, granted. No one at ZAP Batteries Caribbean is a yacht owner themselves, but we do have a significant amount of clients that are yacht owners, and they love to share their stories with us. It was not so long ago that ZAP Batteries Caribbean got the opportunity go on a boat trip along the South-East coast of the island of Curacao with Yacht cruiser Merijn Bijl. We cruised through the Spanish Waters, by the shores of Santa Barabara Beach Hotel to Playa Fuik where we went for a great swim and later on enjoyed some well-deserved BBQ on Merijn’s yacht. Merijn is one of those people that chose to live an adventurous life, a life that is practical, challenging and relaxing at the same time. Yes! You guessed it. Merijn has his cruising abode on waters, living the nautical life extravaganza.

A lot of people believe that people who buy boats or yachts usually have a lot of money to spend and lack nothing financially, living a luxurious life style in a big house and having a lot of wealthy friends. Well guess what! Yes, you can suppose that some times that is the case, but we’ll have you know that there are a bunch of other people that have worked really hard, doing a lot of honest work to be able to afford a yacht, for which they probably labored a couple of decades to finally be able to purchase a yacht. These people that are often not considered in the equation are hard-working people like Merijn Bijl.

If you are also one of those yacht boat enthusiasts that is also working hard with a vision to somewhere within the near future also be able to purchase a yacht, here are some things that you should definitely be keeping in mind! Saving for a yacht takes time, as you can imagine. Taking on a loan/mortgage to purchase your yacht…., yes that is possible, but now-a-days you should be very careful before you take on a mortgage/loan to which you will probably stay tied to for years to come. If you do decide to take on a loan, things that you can do to alleviate the stress of making monthly payments to pay-off your debt, is by commercializing your yacht as a charter. Yachts tend to attract both locals and tourist. This means that if you really do want to make an investment quickly, it is probably best for someone else to pay-off your debt for you. Due to customers paying you for access to your yacht, you can potentially generate enough cash flow to let that money pay off your debt. With tourism on the rise in Curacao, and both tourist and locals loving sea/ocean and beach time, this is a very potential business plan. But you should remember and take notice the amount of competitors you will have to compete with within the market, and also take into account the licenses/permits and registries you will have to apply to in order to make all of this legal.

Some of these hard working people that we were talking about in the second paragraph buy a yacht to be able to spend more time with their families. They tend to consider cruising the sea as a time to meditate and bond. If you ask us, this is a very good way to meditate! But nonetheless, all of this great experience on a yacht is not possible without the power that serves as the driving force behind the yacht. Here is where ZAP Batteries Caribbean come into play. We provide the best European quality batteries for your yachts and regular boats. We can understand why your usual choice would be to go to Budget Marine to purchase your battery, but guess what, ZAP Batteries Caribbean has the best European quality product line when it comes to the power behind your boat. And yes…..we do dare to say that it is better than budget marine in both price and warranty.

Coming up next in our following article is the story behind the life-changing boating decision of Martijn Bijl! If you would like to get a sneak-peak of our marine batteries, click on this link. Stay tuned for our fully remodeled E-commerce website going life soon, where you will be able to purchase your batteries online!

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