ZAP Batteries Caribbean as Ocean Advocate & Seakeeper


These are facts: Ocean conservation and a yachting lifestyle are intertwined. In fact, humanity itself and the oceans are intertwined. ‘Why do you say that?’ …you may ask. We say that because now-a-days both in science and recreation, we are becoming more and more aware of how our conscious participation in conserving our environment (including our oceans) goes hand in hand with our yachting life-lifestyle. We have technologies today that can make it possible to see and comprehend our earth and our oceans in ways never before possible and to communicate broadly about what we are learning. This has significant implications for public policy and the way we talk about environmental resources and the protection of the resources. The ocean is our life-support system, accounting for half the oxygen we breathe and serving as the primary source of protein for more than one-quarter of the human race.

For example, much is known about reef ecology down to about a 100 feet but pretty much everything below that is still a bit of a mystery as to what lives there and why it is important. For example, Red Snappers (a commercially important food fish) live from 400 to 800 feet deep. Very little is known about these species because their reproduction and ecology is tied to the deep reef ecosystem. Due to the immense pressures and dangers of technical deep diving it is difficult to monitor these ecosystems. The point of this awareness post, is that ZAP Batteries Caribbean prides itself in establishing a sound relationship with our ocean ecology. We aspire and inspire yacht owners to set the example. If you want to champion the yacht life-style, you should also be able to incorporate I care about the ocean-ecology life-style, that is, if you want to keep cruising the waters undisturbed and enlightened. It’s worth it to be knowledgeable about the sea in which you are cruising, as crucially important as it is to be knowledgeable about the life that is in it.

-ZAP Batteries Caribbean-