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Last time ZAP Batteries Caribbean wrote an article of the importance about knowing which type of battery you should have for your automotive vehicle. Knowing the importance of quality over quantity is what matters most, considering what you will be spending out of your personal budget. This is not only a concern for those that drive automotive vehicles. Knowing what type of battery you need is also a concern for those that own motorcycles.

For many, riding a motorcycle, especially here in Curacao, is not just about experiencing the speed you get with every acceleration you make. It is about Freedom, Independence and Power. Often when you see motorcyclist on the streets of Curacao riding so outrageously fast in between cars, we probably can admit that it can be quite annoying. But on the one side you can understand the freedom of expression that motorcyclists want to experience during their cruising-time on the streets.

ZAP Batteries Caribbean believes that education is very important for everyone, which is why we would also love to share a couple of things with you which ZAP Batteries Caribbean would like you to know about motorcycles. If you ever are to get one, continue reading the following tips. Motorcycle engine size is most of the time measured in cubic centimeters (CCs). This refers to the volume inside the part of the engine where the air and fuel mix to create the explosion that powers the bike forward. More CCs does not necessarily mean one bike is faster than another with a “smaller displacement” (fewer CCs) engine. A well-tuned, precisely engineered motor will outrun a more casual set-up every time. For example, when looking at a sport bike like the Kawasaki Ninja 650 — which has a 650cc engine — it can blow the wheels off a 750cc cruiser, thanks to more precise tuning that the Kawasaki Ninja 650 has.

Paying attention to the seat height is quite important, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced driver. Both feet should touch the ground when sitting at a stop on your bike. Conversely, if you’re tall, a bike with a low seat height is going to be uncomfortable, and probably make you look a bit silly. To gauge what seat height range is good for you, measure the inseam of your leg, from the bottom of your foot to your groin. Any bike with a seat that’s taller than your inseam is probably too tall. Concerning the weight of the bike, what matters is for a number of reasons. Also, if you drop your bike — which will happen — or if it gets knocked over when parked, you need to be able to get it upright without the help of someone else. And that’s especially true if you would be dropping your bike when you’re all alone. So make sure to take your strength into consideration before opting for a big, heavy machine.

And another thing you should remember (a tip for beginner riders) is to avoid buying a new motorcycle until you have some riding hours under your belt. Why? Because you’re going to drop it, probably more than once. And there’s no reason to damage a brand new motorcycle simply because you’re learning, especially considering how expensive motorcycle bikes can be. Benefits about having a motorcycle is that you can squeeze easily between cars (especially when trying to find a parking space), there is an incredible sense of community between motorcyclist, at the same time allowing you to experience an understanding of individuality and expression of your own unique personality.

An important fact that ZAP Batteries Caribbean would like you to know about motorcycles is that they leave a far smaller carbon footprint in the environment in comparison to automotive vehicles. For those that care about our natural environment, this is definitely a valid reason why you would want to buy a motorcycle, besides the intricate connection that you will already be feeling with the environment while riding your motorcycle. It also ostensibly appears that riding a motorcycle even helps you reduce weight, give and take that you do you morning lunges and exercise regularly. All and all riding a motorcycle is a very cool thing to do.

Before finishing this article, there are some facts that you should know about acquiring the appropriate battery for your motorcycle. Of course, we of ZAP Batteries Caribbean know that with us you get the best quality battery that you can possibly get on this entire island in Curacao. With ZAP Batteries Caribbean you will get the type of battery for your motorcycle that is maintenance-free, constructed in a way that you don’t even have to add water. Our batteries are perfectly sealed batteries that evidently come with a valve-regulated design which prevents the issue of terminal corrosion. Coming with a well-protected case that reduces acid spray, explosion hazards and fumes, together with its flexible design, these facts make the motorcycle batteries of ZAP Batteries Caribbean highly usable and installable. Our motorcycle batteries have a higher discharge rate because of having lower electrical resistance in their capacity. Our batteries were designed to meet all the demands of users, who expect an incredible performance and no extra worry concerning the durability of the motorcycle battery.

We of ZAP Batteries Caribbean are here to serve your needs when it comes to the power behind your motor engine. We seek to understand our customer’s needs thoroughly in order to satisfy that what drives our client’s daily motivation, namely a passion for motors, but most importantly a passion for Freedom, Independence and Power.

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