Buying a boat!


By now the greater population of Curacao knows that at ZAP Batteries Caribbean you can get the best quality batteries for your motor needs. People know us for providing our clients with the power for their automotive and motorcycle vehicles. But what people are also becoming more aware of almost exponentially, is that ZAP Batteries Caribbean is also all into providing the power behind your Yacht and/or great cruising boats for that matter. Curacao is known for its beautiful semi-dessert-tropical-like climate. This basically means that Curacao is warm, gorgeous and naturally the best place to pass your retirement days. Surrounded by crystalline blue waters, there is just really nothing that you can complain about when it comes to relaxation on the beach and spending your time on a boat or Yacht on our waters with family and friends. Ranging from the Spanish Waters to Santa Barbara Plantation Bay, Curacao is practically filled with significant portion of the population that own a boat or two to go cruising on our surrounding waters. Sailing a boat for the first time creates a meaningful experience of freshness, fortitude and oneness with the surrounding seas that interconnect other parts of the world. When you are out there on the waters, it is basically you, the sea and the sky. Using the natural elements as your compass (if you don’t have a GPS system on your boat) can make things even more interesting.

ZAP Batteries Caribbean knows that it is important to understand that boating is an emotional investment of time, energy and financial resources. When buying a boat it is important you choose the right boat for you and the type of lifestyle that you would like to express. There are plenty of factors which will be of influence on your initial decision, from looks and performance, to usage pattern, cost, size, maintenance constraints, equipment, and last but not least, safety. Two type of professionals are important when considering the purchase of a boat, namely the manufacturer and the new boat dealer. Concerning the choice of manufacturer, consider reliability, longevity and reputation of the boat builder. You need to be able to trust the company that makes the boat in line with the boaters’ expectations and that the manufacturing company will be around long after you purchase your new yacht to deliver on its warranty. When choosing a dealership, identify the dealership according to its location, facilities and reputation in sales and service. You should always remember why you are buying or have bought the boat in the first place, whether it is to get away from it all, or maybe because you would like your family closer together.

Now in order to get practical the kind of battery you would need for your boat depends on what you need the battery to do. If you have a simple motor with no electrical gadgets, then a cranking battery will do the trick. But keep in mind that if you do have any electrical equipment like a GPS, depth finder or perhaps a radio, you would want to check out a deep-cycle battery. Deep-cycle batteries offer a lower and steady rate of energy than a cranking battery. This generally means that you can basically run all of your electrical equipment without risking recharging your battery on water. You have to make sure you stick with the battery type that your boat was designed for, because deep-cycle batteries as opposed to cranking batteries are not interchangeable. When it comes to Marine Batteries for your boat, there is one thing that ZAP Batteries Caribbean would like to emphasize, and that is: AGM, which are Absorbed Glass Mat batteries that have a fiberglass mat that is soaked in the electrolyte and placed between the battery plates. This construction means that there is no need to refill the cells. These batteries are able to withstand higher vibration rates and are in the long term the best choice of purchase for the power behind the machinery of your boat. ‘Where can I get one of those?’ you may be wondering. But we honestly believe that you already know the answer to that, namely with us, ZAP Batteries Caribbean.

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