How protect your motorcycle against theft


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Pay attention now. You are hearing on the news, whether it is in the newspaper or on the news on television, that this island has been experiencing some difficulty here and there with past and current crime waves. Now, as a motorcycle enthusiast yourself, you would not want any thieve (criminal) to put his/her hands on stuff that belongs to you, especially not on your motorcycle or anything related to your motorcycle. As always, ZAP Batteries Caribbean has some tips for you which you can keep in mind in order to strengthen your own fight against crime in the form prevention. Because you know what they say: “Preventing is better than curing….”.

You see, the sad reality is that motorcycle theft takes place everywhere! You should know that the socioeconomic status of a neighborhood or area does not make it anywhere near exempt from bike thievery. Sport bikes from Japanese origin are the most commonly stolen motorcycles. The top 5 most stolen Japanese brands are Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and after all this you have the Harley Davidson. Bike thieves tend to steal in places where bikes are more abundant because these same places and surrounding areas have a market for them to sell the parts in, and of course it is obvious then that there are more bikes to pick from and steal. You should know that the main idea behind motorcycle security is to make stealing your bike so difficult and laborious that it makes the would-be thieves move on to an easier target rather than deal with yours. Bike thieves are often clever, resourceful and driven, and their tools are portable and easy to get. There are many locks that can be unlocked by simply wedging in a standard automobile scissor jack and turning it until the lock snaps. Tools like bolt cutters, hacksaws, reciprocating saw and angle grinders are all very popular for defeating the metal security products that most people tend to use to protect their motorcycle from theft. Keep in mind that the weakest link to your security system is also a representation of the strength of your entire system. Going through the ignition for example is a common practice. Even if you have the steering locked, thieves have bypassed this by using a small dolly that is placed under the front wheel so the locked wheel can freely roll, assuming then that the bike is in neutral. Another common method for example is just by picking up a bike, throwing it in the back of a van or truck and then drive away. It generally takes half of the weight of your bike to actually pick your motor bike up and carry it away in the back of a truck.

There are typically countless of methods for stealing a motorcycle and new tactics are being thought up all the time. Products that you may be able to use to prevent motorcycle theft may be summed up as follows.

The Disc Lock:
These devices work the same way a boot does on a car, but the physical application is different. Attached directly to a brake rotor, these lock can prevent the bike from going anywhere as the wheel tries to rotate. Many manufacturers tend to offer memory cables which attach to the rotor and then the handle bar or dash area in order to remind you that you have to take the lock off before trying to ride away.

The Chain Lock:
These are heavy chains often encased in a rubber or nylon sleeve to prevent it from scratching your bike. These can be run through a rim, resulting in the “boot effect” the disc lock has, but they are also good for chaining your bike to immovable objects.

The Anchor: These are devices that anchor to the ground, giving your motorcycle something to be chained to when a nearby immobile object isn’t and option. There are motorcycle riders that install these outside their house or apartment, or at the place where they work. When installed correctly, and used in combination with a good chain or cable lock, anchors offer incredible protection.

The Tracker:
GPS tracking devices are fantastic additions to your motorcycle security options. Despite trackers being much better at solving the theft than preventing it, they still give you some resource when your bike is lifted. Some tracking devices can even send push notifications if your bike moves, and they have the added bonus of greatly improving the opportunity of bringing the person who stole your bike to justice.

The Alarm:
These are the most obvious security systems that you can use. You proximity alarms, vibration alarms and wheel movement alarms which can readily be applied and that are a great addition to your motorcycle security.

We hope that these tips were useful and that you can apply it to protect your own motorcycle. As always, ZAP Batteries Caribbean is always at your disposal if you have any other questions and suggestions.

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