Why women in Curacao should be riding motorcycles


Now we all know that in Curacao and, pretty much all over the world, the motorcycle industry and the motorcycle street life is dominated by men. If you did not notice this before, the motorcycle world is now on the rise with women taking over the motorcycle movements on the island of Curacao. ZAP Batteries Caribbean followed a couple of ladies of the women’s motorcycle association called WIMA, and we have found out some amazing things about them.

These women that ride motorcycles have been characterized as being strong, charismatic and valiant women that take on the roads of the island of Curacao on their motorcycle to express their freedom and power, showing their true identity as they know it from within themselves. These women come from different career backgrounds and life experiences, some of them being mothers and providers of their family, entrepreneurs and teachers of society. These women belonging to the WIMA organization have defined and laid down the foundation of the female experience in cruising the roads on motorcycles in Curacao. This group is not only about gathering together to ride for hours on the road, they are also all about having fun. They involve themselves in social activities that are not only about having a pleasantly good time, but it so happens to be that this group lives on empowering one another so that they can take life head-on in their personal daily activities.

ZAP Batteries Caribbean went on quite an adventure with these women on Curacao’s National Day of Independence. In total we cruised around the island on a motorcycle with all the motorcycle clubs on the island for 6 hours long (with breaks in between to eat and drink of course). Now we had our marketing team member Jordan Emanuelson take pictures and video footage about this experience here below.

The most phenomenal thing that ZAP Batteries Caribbean was able to observe and get ourselves acquainted with is the bond that all these motorcycle clubs have with one another. Riding a motorcycle is not just a hobby anymore, it is a way of life! That could be clearly seen through the day’s activity. If you are a tourist on the island and so happened to be a motorcycle enthousiast, you would do well in contacting these motorcyclist if you want to get to know the island and experience a fabulous ride at the same time. The WIMA association has been and will be riding frequently on national feast days and weekends, so stay on the look-out for them when passing your time on the road, at a bar or at a restaurant, because you will see them pass by for sure. It is a very different sight when you see an entire flock of female motorcyclist riding along, which we believe is something to be admired. ZAP Batteries Caribbean would like to thank these women in showing us a good time, and showing us what it means to be a passionate motorcyclist.

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