Car breakdown is probably something you do not think about constantly, but it's always unfortunate and it can probably ruin your day when it happens. Every year, 1 out of 2 car drivers experience a car breakdown. However, one should not fear, because as a 24/7 Wegenwacht (Road Guard Services) subscriber, you can count on fast and professional service, both on-the-go and at home. You only need to dial the emergency number 9247 and help will be on the way! Immediately upon receipt of your call, the nearest service car will drive to your location so you can head on your way with your car again. The 24/7 organization has grown a lot since its take-over by its sister-company Securitas. Having over 24,000 members, and being praised by automotive garages, car leasing and insurance companies, 24/7 has gained this popularity due to its ready-to-go service for both subscribers and non-subscribers to its services alike.

Now you might be wondering what Zap Batteries Caribbean has to do with all of this. We are of course delighted to have you know that Zap Batteries Caribbean is the personal supplier of the highest quality and only batteries that are being provided by the 24/7 road services organization to their clients, besides the fact that the 24/7 service busses themselves are applying these batteries to their own operations. Ever wondered how many car breakdown incidents are happening here in Curacao on a daily basis? On average these are 45 incidents per day! And this is just during the low season. During the high season in the months of November and December, you can count on 65 incidents happening per day!

Like always, Zap Batteries Caribbean has been making it possible for both victims of car breakdowns and the operations of the 24/7 organization to keep on going without any delay. Energy, Power and ultimately Trust in the Zap Batteries Caribbean brand is what is contributing to the success of 24/7 Wegenwacht Curacao. The upcoming weeks we will be looking at some live action of the 24/7 road champions that are making it possible for 24/7 to continue offering their services without delay.

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