24/7 Roadside Assistance

Part 1


The following is a conversation I had with Marvin of 24/7 Road side assistance. I had the opportunity to speak to Marvin, who guided me through the awesome story behind his daily operational activities.
- Zap Batteries Caribbean's finest -

During this bright Monday morning on July 10th, I had the pleasure to get a ride with one of 24/7 Road Services’ finest workers, Mr Marvin. Marvin has now been an active colleague within the 24/7 organization for 5 years to date, and is getting every bit of satisfaction helping people every opportunity that he gets. If I were to describe Marvin, I would describe him as being at rest, someone that keeps the peace, someone that loves and enjoys helping people. As Marvin has stated:

"You know what Jordan,... to do this job you have to be someone that loves spending time on the road. You need to be acquainted with all the neighborhoods, you need to have plenty of know-how about cars, and lastly but most importantly, you need to be very capable to help people."

When I was on the road with Marvin this morning, heading towards Soto after bypassing Grote Berg, and afterwards going through Tera-Kora, Otrobanda and Juliana Dorp, there were already 4 car incidents in total, of which 3 of them had to do with malfunctioning batteries.

With every car battery malfunctioning, we have ready-to-go VMF batteries from Zap Batteries Caribbean that can immediately be installed without any other worry from our members.

When Marvin said this, I asked him what the actual difference is between the batteries you get from Zap Batteries Caribbean in comparison to other stores. Marvin explained that other stores lack in delivering value in 2 ways. The first failure of other stores is that their battery-life often is less than a year, in comparison to Zap Batteries Caribbean’s batteries that extend over a year, and so-far 24/7 has never had any complaints.

Another fact is that the batteries we get from Zap Batteries Caribbean have a 90% guarantee on them, meaning that if the battery malfunctions and it appears to be a built-in failure of the battery, as a consumer we immediately get a new battery in return for the old one. For example, there is one particular store that a lot of people go to that does not even consider the necessity of delivering this type of value to its customers. Often this particular store will just keep recharging your battery and simply tell you to go use the same battery again, without actually looking at what is really wrong with their product. And if you want to return your old battery for a new one, this particular store MAKES YOU BUY a new one!....

Personally, in my mind, I have seen that the delivery of these values to Zap Batteries Caribbean’s customers has become so engrained in their memory that they barely consider to go to the other stores due to these great benefits they get with Zap Batteries Caribbean. 24/7 Wegenwacht is selling from 2 to 5 of Zap Batteries Caribbean’s batteries to clients per day, as opposed to 10 to 15 batteries to Car rental companies per week.

A lot of people don’t realize this, but a battery’s manufacturing quality and performance has a lot of effect on the car-engine’s computer. Our experience has taught us that the Zap Batteries Caribbean brand is strong, reliable and trust-worthy.

According to Marvin, the things that make his job very satisfying, is the fact that both members as non-members are thankful when they are helped by him. In his own words he states:

"I even get many blessings from these people. I mean even when people see me on the streets they hunk and wave at me because I helped them once or twice in the past. In my experience I have learned to listen to people, and especially when these clients are nervous and sometimes cannot distinguish their left hand from their right hand due to them being shaken up by the incident. That is the moment where I see the window of opportunity. That is when I do my utmost to shine, the moment when you see that hope again in people’s faces... That is what I stand for, and that is who I am."

This article has been written by
Jordan T. Emanuelson
CEO of jConsultancy
Email: jordan@j-consultancy.com
Website: www.j-consultancy.com